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Frequently Asked Questions

1. motorJockey costs

There are no costs or fees for up to 5 listings per month.  A higher listing limit is available for a monthly cost.  More information can be found on the small business or dealer information page ( More Info )

2. How do I delete or edit my listing

Registered users have the ability to edit or delete a listing if they are logged onto motorJockey.  Please login and follow the myListings link in the upper right corner to view, edit or manage your listings.

3. How long will my listing be posted

Free listings are automatically deactivated after 30 days. If your car has not sold within 30 days we encourage you to repost it by creating another listing.  There is no set inventory expiration for paid accounts.  Please visit our small business or dealer information page for more information.

4. How do interested buyers contact me

Interested buyers will contact you using the email address you provided when your account was created. We do not make your email address public unless you provide it as additional information in your listing.

5. Im trying to create a listing but I dont see my make or model

Please use the other categories for make and model. You can also send an email to  We will work to update our database as quickly as possible.